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All The Way Alive
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all the way alive
serious discussion about
Charles Manson and Lynette Fromme

there are murderers released from prison every day, there are child molesters out on parole, there are parents who abuse their children and get off with a slap on the wrist. Charles Manson is serving a life sentence in prison for murders which he did not commit and will most likely never be released. Lynette Fromme tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford - if you call pointing a gun with no bullets in the firing chamber an assassination attempt. she is currently serving a life sentence in prison and will most likely never be released.

does this seem right to you?

Helter Skelter was never a motive for the murders. Vincent Bugliosi can be credited with cooking up a good yarn that was accepted as truth by millions. it makes for a good read but it is an inaccurate portrayal of what really happened and really should be moved to the fiction aisle of the library.

this community is for the support of Charles Manson and Lynette Fromme and for the spreading of accurate information regarding the two.

* please do not ask for their addresses. do a google search - they're plastered all over the internet
* please do not promote other communities here
* please be courteous to each other
* serious discussion only, no "omg charles manson is so hot i wanna join his family and have his babies" or the like. posts about wanting to join the Family or asking how to join the Family will be deleted because there is no Family and there never was a Family
* please place all images behind an LJ cut. don't know how to do one? click here

thank you.

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